The Ballad of the Street Preacher

Scott recites a one minute poem that captures the essence of street preaching.

Scott Crawford, Sprng 2013

Watch Scott recite “The Ballad of a Street Preacher” on YouTube, click this image!

The Ballad of a Street Preacher – © Bob Smith (early 1970’s)

LIttle bit o’ preaching’
somebody’s gettin’ saved.
God’s gentle hand is reaching’
to us from crib to grave.

Somebody’s on the corner,
being a fool for the Lord.
He’s telling all the mourners
to rejoice in the Word.

People don”t understand
this supernatural power.
Their lives grey and bland
but God’s got for them an hour.

Pedestrians pass by;
they wonder, “What’s the catch?”
By words that you can’t buy
their soul’s surface is scratched.

Lone preacher in the night,a voice in the wilderness.
The jungle of neon lights
of crime and bitterness.

Through the foolhardy soul
God works invisibly
He just fulfills his role
and they hear of God’s family.

Who knows the repercussions
of chain reaction zeal?
Amidst the truckin’ and fussin’
no one appears to feel.

But despite the indifferent mob
the light of Christ can’t hide.
Amidst the traffic’s throb
someone’s cryin’ inside.

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